Coverage and data download Coverage and data download

Do you want to download the data from GYGA? Please read the license information here.

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The GYGA platform contains the following data:
  1. Actual and potential yield and yield gap
  2. Actual and potential water productivity
  3. Actual and minimum nutrient requirement
  4. Underlying data on weather, soil and cropping systems
  5. Climate zonation and Technology Extrapolation Domains (TEDs).
The data are available at three different geographical levels:
  1. National level
  2. Climate zone level
  3. Reference weather station level (location).
Can I get a sample of the data? Sample datasets can be downloaded in Excel format. For example:
  1. Country-level data (all crops grown in one country), e.g. for the Netherlands download the file here with country results and another file here with country model run results
  2. Country-level data organised by region (one crop grown on one region), e.g. for Europe download a file here.
Where can I download the GYGA data?
  1. From continent pages. Find a table with the regions below
  2. From the country pages. Find a table with the various countries further below
  3. From the Atlas viewer.


The tables below give an overview of the current coverage of GYGA. Do you have a specific request, e.g. to have a particular crop or country added or updated? Please contact us!

Yield gap by region
Oil Palm  
Yield data *  
Nutrient reqs.

Sub-Saharan Africa

X X X X X   X     X X     X X


X X X X X X   X X X X X X X  

North America

X X X     X X             X  

South America

X X X     X X             X  


X X X         X           X X

Middle East & North Africa

  X X         X X         X  


    X                 X   X  
* yield gap, yield potential, actual yield, water productivity, weather, soil and crop management system.

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GYGA Data access by OGC services GYGA Data access by OGC services

The GYGA maps and GYGA data are available as Web Mapping Service (WMS) and Web Feature Service (WFS) as defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).

The capabilities documents can be accessed here:

WMS Capabilities

WFS Capabilities